Work With Me

You have an urge to write. It’s as part of you as your breath and the beating of your heart. It’s desire so sweet and secret you haven’t dared share it with anyone, holding it in tight and safe.

You may have pantsed, plotted and tweened. You may have saved the cat and stolen fire from the gods and gone on the hero’s journey. You may even have keyed, architected and engineered stories. But getting to your own unique voice still seems like an impossible dream.

You’ve had your writing torn, shredded and bleeding red ink by well-meaning mentors. And now your confidence hangs by a thread. Do I or don’t I have the ability to tell the story pulsing inside me?

Maybe you’ve even published a book or two or ten, but the process has become a chore, not the joy it once was.

There’s a voice in your head calling you a fraud, telling you that you have no talent, that you have nothing interesting to say. That you can’t, you shouldn’t, you’ll fail. Because, yes, telling that story means taking a risk.

Here’s a little secret . . . that voice is wrong. What that voice doesn’t want you to know is that you have an inner genius, that you have a unique voice, that someone out there needs your story.

We’re all wired for story. It’s a survival mechanism. We all crave hearing and telling stories. That’s how we make sense of the world. You don’t have to have an MFA to call yourself a writer; you simply have to dare to put words down on the page, to dig for that inner truth only you can gift the world.

So you have your first draft written. You’re scared. That’s understandable. You’ve put your heart and soul on the page.

Now what?

Are you ready to try something different?

Author and development editor, Suzanne Kingsbury, founded Gateless Writing in 2007. Based on creative brain science, Gateless Writing calms the activity in the part of the brain associated with negativity, self-censoring and resistance. The method gives you access to the region of your brain linked to self-expression, intuition and the imagination. In this model all feedback about your work is specific and focuses on where your innate genius lies, providing you tools to lean into your unique talent, so you can reach your creative height.

I’m a certified Gateless Method teacher and I also have a Certificate in Positive Psychology. Write to me. Tell me about your manuscript. Let’s work together to bring out the best in your story.


“Sylvie has an amazing capacity for deep listening; an incredible gift for seeing the interconnected themes in a story, the woven metaphors that oftentimes the writer herself doesn’t always pick up on. Sylvie will take you to the other side of your work with compassion, patience and skillful observation.”  –Regina Tingle, TX

“Sylvie has so much creative power and is a generous and inspiring teacher. She helped me see what was working in my writing and kept me moving forward.” –Kate Baldwin, MA

“Sylvie’s quiet presence is comforting, her voice inspiring, her insight touched my heart. She’s a calming force and a kind spirit and I’m honored to have worked with her.” –Kathleen Murray, author of The Widow and The Highjacker

“Sylvie brings a wealth of writing experience to her workshops, but more, she brings a level of authenticity and intention that is often hard to find in teachers. She teased the nuggets of gold from the bedrock of my writing and showed them to me as if she held them in the palm of her hand.” – Jodi Paloni, VT