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Feel-good Women’s Fiction

Grab a blanket and a cup of tea, and lose yourself in the journey of women just like you.

These small-town, heart-warming stories, filled with food, friendship, family … and romance … are the perfect beach read for your next vacation. Or the perfect at-home escape if you need a break.

Romantic Suspense for Love and Intrigue

Follow the adventures of ordinary women who face extraordinary circumstances with strength, and find happiness and love along the way.

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Love in Brighton Village Series

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Welcome to Brighton, New Hampshire, a village that knows how to celebrate life with family, food, and festivals full of New England tradition. And love.

Even in this idyllic small town, life isn’t always perfect. Relationships get rocky with misunderstanding, secrets and cover-ups.

Join these women as they overcome emotional challenges at all stages of life to gain a heart-warming transformation.

The first two books of the series are out now!

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Christmas by Candlelight – Book 1

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She’s duty bound to a family dream. With a slew of struggles and surprises, can she make this holiday season one to remember?

“Comfort and joy, family and friends, Christmas baking and decorations all gather under the roof of the Candlelight Inn for a memorable Christmas. You will want to grab a cup of tea (make that a pot of tea) and stay cocooned under piles of blankets while you savor it all in.” –Joanne Demers

Christmas in Brighton – Book 2

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Getting lost isn’t the best way to start an assignment…. But sometimes you need to get lost to find where you belong.

“For me a good book always makes me want to visit the world. With this second book in Sylvie’s Love in Brighton Village series, I want to be there. Real life issues sprinkled with a touch of magic make the characters jump off the page. Grab a copy and a cup of tea and get cozy for another heartwarming story.” –Michelle Stewart

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