Bob’s House, a short short story

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Welcome to Brighton Bits, short short stories about the people, places and things in and around the fictional village of Brighton, New Hampshire.

Bob House Brewery

Bob House Brewery isn’t, as most people assume, named for the bob houses that dot Brighton Lake every January when the ice reaches ten inches thick.

No, Kenny McDaniel named his brewery after his Uncle Bob. When his parents fought, and they fought a lot, he hoofed it the half mile down the road to Uncle Bob’s house. There his father’s brother would feed him and care for him until one of his parents noticed he wasn’t home and came looking for him.

Bob’s house was also the place where Kenny learned the art of homebrewing way before he was old enough to sample the product he created.

Kenny received his greatest compliment when he was barely seventeen. Uncle Bob cracked open a test bottle of the latest batch of an Oktoberfest clone.

“Ah, my boy. You’ve gone and done it. You’ve surpassed your teacher. This is a mighty fine brew, son, mighty fine.”

Every time Kenny pulled a sample to check on a batch’s progress, he heard Uncle Bob’s voice with its Irish brogue and smiled. He lifted the shot glass in the air in salute and thanks. “Still mighty fine, Uncle Bob, mighty fine.”

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