Cozy Women’s Fiction

  • Christmas by Candlelight
  • Christmas in Brighton

Romantic Suspense with a Little Spice!

Midnight Whispers

  • One Texas Night
  • Blackmailed Bride
  • Alyssa Again
  • Remembering Red Thunder
  • Red Thunder Reckoning
  • Under Lock and Key
  • A Rose at Midnight
  • Pull of the Moon
  • Hidden Legacy
  • Personal Enemy
  • Detour
  • Midnight Whispers Texas Edition Box Set
  • Midnight Whispers New Hampshire Edition Box Set

The Seekers

  • Heart of a Hunter
  • Mask of a Hunter
  • Eye of a Hunter
  • Pride of a Hunter
  • Spirit of a Hunter
  • Honor of a Hunter


  • Ms. Longshot

Paranormal Romance

  • Broken Wings
  • Silver Shadows

Holiday Romance with Spice!

  • A Little Christmas Magic
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