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Pride of a Hunter Reading Guide: Questions For Your Reading Group…

1. Lucinda’s job as part of the Marshals Service was that of a sniper.  How did she prepare herself for the consequences of succeeding at her job?  How would you deal with a job that might require you to take a life?

2. Dom’s job on the same team was that of a negotiator.  His words were his greatest asset and, in the situation that killed his best friend, words failed him.  How would you handle a situation where your greatest asset failed you?

3. After the birth of her son, Luci moved back to her small hometown.  What were her reasons?  How did going against her nature help or hurt her in setting up her new life?  Is there something you thought you wanted badly enough to change who you were to fit it?  What did you do and how did it work out?  What would you sacrifice for your child’s happiness?

4. What is your first impression of Amber?  Of Warren?  How did their physical description affect your impression?  How did they use their looks to play out their con?  How does someone’s look affect your initial impression of them when you’re meeting them for the first time?  How hard is it to change that first impression?

5. What do you think Warren was looking for with his con games?  Why do you think he chose to run sweetheart scams?  Did the scams get him what he wanted?  Why or why not?

6. Luci lost her husband in a violent situation.  How did guilt play a role in how she dealt with the loss?  How did the loss of his best friend and his older brother affect Dom?  How have you dealt with the loss of someone or something you cared deeply about?

7. How were Luci and Dom able to put their painful past behind them?  Have you ever felt guilt for something you did or failed to do?  How did you heal the situation and get past it?

8. How does Luci’s carefully constructed world fall apart?  How does she deal with this new loss?  What walls have you built in your life to protect yourself from pain?

9. How do Luci and her sister get along?  How does she get along with her parents?  How do her family and hometown make her feel?  How do you handle the difficult people in your life?

10. Because Dom wanted Luci’s happiness, he didn’t pursue her and let her marry his best friend.  Do you think he should have let her know his feelings while they worked together on the team?  Should he have sacrificed his relationship with his best friend?  What would you do in a similar situation if you were Dom?  If you were Luci, would you want to know how Dom felt about you?

11. In Pride of a Hunter, Warren uses a sweetheart scam.  How does he choose his prey?  What con games have you encountered in your life?  How did you deal with them?  How can you protect yourself from becoming a victim of a conman?

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