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Eye of a Hunter Reading Guide: Questions For Your Book Club

1.  Abrielle and Grayson grew up in the same small town.  How did their home lives differ?  What was your home life like while growing up?  How did it affect your perceptions of the world?  Was there anyone’s family you would have like to have traded places with?  Why?

2.  Abrielle is asked to enter WITSEC and change her whole life so that she can testify at the trial of the man who murdered her father.  When someone keeps trying to kill her, how does she react?  How would you go about surviving ten days without being caught by an obsessed pursuer?

3.  Abbie and Gray were each other’s first and only true love.  He sees her true self and still loves her and vice versa.  Who in your life sees the real you?  What does this mean to you?

4.  What does Gray do to shield himself from the world?  Abbie?  What do you use to protect yourself from the painful situations in your life? 

5.  As a boy, Gray was prey to school bullies.  How did he handle it?  Has this happened to you or anyone you know?  How did you handle it?  How did the scars (visible and invisible) manifest themselves?  How do they still affect you today?

6.  The one place Gray has felt at home is with Seekers, Inc.  How do the Seekers act as a family?  How has the concept of family evolved in our fast-paced society?  What kind of family did you grow up in?  What kinds of relationships have you formed that don’t fall under the traditional parameters but still consider family?

7.  When things get too stressful, Abbie turns to movies to numb herself.  What do you do to relieve stress?

8.  Abbie and Gray let each other go even though they loved each other deeply.  What were their reasons?  Have you ever let someone you love go?  Why?  Under what circumstances would you?

9.  Rafe is obsessed with Abbie.  What does he want from her?  How far does he carry his obsession?  Have you ever known someone who carried his obsession too far?  How would you handle someone like that?

10.  Gray and his sister’s relationship is strained.  What are their chances of repairing the broken bond?  How could they repair it?  Even though their relationship is strained, they can still count on each other.  Who can you turn to when you need help?

11.  The technology mentioned in Eye of a Hunter is based on real ongoing research.  The material will camouflage soldiers from the enemy, yet allow allies to retrieve fallen team members.  What are the pros and cons of such technology?  How could it be used for good?  For evil?  How much of your privacy are you willing to give up to advance technology?

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