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Author Sylvie KurtzI confess, I’m a want-to-be-adventurer. I love the thrill of something new, but crave the security of knowing that everything will turn out okay in the end.

As a reader, that’s what I look for in a book. As a writer, that’s the experience I create for my readers.

Across all walks of life, we’ve all gone through similar challenges–miscommunications in our relationships, mismatched expectations, trying to balance family and work, all while trying to enjoy life.

My characters are strong, independent women who have dreams and goals, but face the same real-life uncertainty and issues we do. I’ve dropped these characters into interesting scenarios where, with determination, they prevail, learn, and grow.

I’ve always joked that my autobiography would be titled Everything I Know About Life, I Learned from a Book. So it’s no wonder that I converted my dining room into a library brimming with books of all kinds.

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Fun Facts:

  • When I first learned to read, I thought writers were magicians.
  • I write on a desktop with my dog at my feet. In silence.
  • I trained as a pilot, but have never used the skill. I hoped it would allow me to travel. It didn’t.
  • Other than walking, especially in the woods, I don’t particularly enjoy exercise.
  • I’m a certified yoga teacher. I don’t teach, but I still do practice.
  • I love learning new things and always try to include something new-to-me in my stories.
  • I’m an introvert and a social klutz. Any gathering of more than ten people makes me want to run and hide.
  • I carry a notebook and mechanical pencil everywhere. I’ve been known to leave cryptic notes to myself around the house that raise interesting questions when others find one.
  • Things I love: dogs, horses, the beach, watching feel-good movies, dark chocolate, soft wool, and colorful quilting fabric. Oh, and of course, books!
  • I justify watching feel-good movies by knitting soft baby blankets I give away or donate.
  • And yes, I do believe dark chocolate is an essential nutrient.

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