Midnight Whispers Texas Edition Box Set

Midnight Whispers Texas Edition Box Set


Midnight Whispers Texas EditionFour thrilling Gothic Romantic Suspense novels set in Texas.

One Texas Night — Secrets are more intense in the heat of a Texas night in this suspenseful novel of love, murder and small town scandal.

Under Lock and Key — Caught in the ferocity of a Texas thunderstorm, journalist Tyler Blackwell regains consciousness to find he’s locked in a castle dungeon.

Remembering Red Thunder — One steamy afternoon as the setting sun bleeds into the raging Red Thunder River, sheriff Chance Conover forgets everything…including his wife. Now she needs to help him remember.

Red Thunder Reckoning — When the Red Thunder River spat him out fifteen years ago, broken and battered, he started over with a new name and a new face. But now he must return home, without anyone recognizing him.

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