Ms. Longshot Reader’s Guide


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Ms. Longshot Reader’s Guide: Questions For Your Reading Group…

1. How did Alexa deal with her handicap?  What do you think about the way she dealt with it?  Our society has a very narrow definition of what is beautiful.  How has the media’s perception of beauty affected you personally?

2. Alexa comes from a privileged background.  How is she using her wealth to benefit others?  Do you think the rich have a duty to help those less advantaged than they are? Why or why not? What would you do with Alexa’s wealth?

3. The Gotham Rose Club was set up to catch high-society criminals and put them in jail.  How do you think personal wealth and/or fame affects the justice system?  If you had the resources, what part of society would you like to see cleaned up?

4. Part of being a Gotham Rose agent requires Alexa to keep her undercover work secret.  How do you think this will affect her relationship with Ross in the future?  How would you handle the pressure of a secret you couldn’t share with someone you love?

5. Alexa’s mission forces her to look at life from a different perspective.  How has this affected her way of looking at the world?  Have you ever had to change your perception of someone or a situation?  What happened and how did you new view affect your life?

6. Ross is dedicated to creating miracles through his company’s research.  How does he let his reputation get tainted to protect his project?  How far would you go to protect something you believed in passionately?

7. When Alexa is forced to choose between protecting a horse and obeying orders, what does she choose?  Could she have made a better decision?  What would you have done in her situation?  Why?

8. Alexa kept a souvenir of the day that changed her life forever.  What was it?  Why did she keep it?  How did this souvenir affect her life decisions?  Do you have anything you hold on to?  What does it represent?  What would happen if you let it, and what it symbolizes, go?

9. Alexa feels she must get the “leg thing” out of the way first thing with a date.  Do you think she should let the other person get to know her first?  Or is she taking the right approach to protect her emotions?  What do you do to protect your heart?  Do you do anything on a first date to test your date?

10. What technology is Ross’s company working on?  Do you think it’s something that’s possible?  How do you think it would affect the world if it truly existed?  How have new technologies helped/hindered your life?

11. Who is Alexa’s favorite designer?  What does her fashion choice tell you about her personality?  How do your clothes reflect who you are?

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