Summer’s Sweet Spot

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Love in Brighton Village Book 3

Welcome back to Brighton Village with Summer’s Sweet Spot! Join the Carpenter family at Brighton’s annual Strawberry Festival and it’s first Sweet Spot Baking Contest.

A food truck. A baking contest. A future on the line…

Single mom and bakery owner Maeve Carpenter wants to create a safe and secure childhood for her nine-year-old daughter. She’s grateful for all her mom’s help but yearns for a place of her own—and a measure of privacy. What happened to the independent girl who once intended to bake in Paris?

Even though her bakery is profitable, her daughter’s health issues and fees for the upcoming summer camp that means so much to the little give, have bill stacking up like puff-pastry layers.

The situation isn’t helped when a food truck and its handsome owner take up residence outside her shop, captivating her clientele with its novelty. With profits falling like a bad soufflé, she’ll have to enter the Strawberry Festival Sweet Spot Baking Contest with its large cash prize that could secure her future.

All she has to do is bake her heart out—without losing her temper at the competition, or her deadbeat ex, or her mother…or falling for the food truck owner’s sweet talk. The last thing she needs is another guy who won’t stick around. 

Can she find the sweet spot in all her relationships and create the family life she dreams of?


“What is that about?” Kayla asked, craning her head over my shoulder. A white truck, plastered with neon-colored donuts, rolled to a stop right in front of the bakery.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.” I didn’t have a good feeling as I strode toward the door. Something about the food truck—maybe those giant neon donuts aiming for a spot right in front of my bakery—spelled trouble.

Pedestrians turned, watching the behemoth attempting to park. One wheel raked over the sidewalk before plunking back onto the street. The engine sounded as if it would die at any second. Please, not in front of my bakery. My patrons enjoyed basking in the window’s sunlight. That monstrosity was a blight to any view and belonged nowhere near our quaint downtown.

“Keep an eye on the cookies,” I told Kayla, and headed outside. “They need to come out in two minutes.”

A puff of black smoke blasted out the truck’s back, spewing an evil stench that clouded even the sweetness of the strawberry thumbprint cookies baking in the kitchen. I waved my hand in front of my nose to dissipate the burnt-oil scent. The passenger’s side opened with a creak, revealing a twenty-something girl with timid movements, bleached-blond hair streaked with pink, and nose and brow piercings I’d once coveted but was now glad my parents hadn’t allowed. She wore jeans with gaping holes at the knees and a pink T-shirt two sizes too big that read, Eat More Hole Foods.

A deep bass voice came from the driver’s side. “Dani, wait up a minute!”

“Why?” She reached inside and pulled out a magazine I recognized—603 Things to Love About New Hampshire.

Tourists—from Connecticut, according to the truck’s plate—who’d probably seen the blurb on the bakery in the magazine.

“I get that you’re excited but don’t just rush in like that.” The voice held a gentle laugh, as if that would make everything okay.

A door slammed, shaking the truck. For a second, I thought the whole thing would fall apart like one of Neve’s Transformer cars. A man rounded the front of the truck, broad shoulders breaching first, then a long, lean body coiled with potential energy just waiting to spark. The only hitch in the otherwise juicy image: the skip/limp that slowed his chase.

I pulled my gaze up to his face and sucked in a breath. No, it couldn’t be. What would he be doing here in the middle of nowhere? And why would he be driving a truck sporting donuts?


Here is a link to fidgets like the one Neve uses in the story. My grandson loves his from Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps because he can keep it in his pocket and it’s quiet.

Find the recipe for Dani’s Strawberry Kiss Cookies here.

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