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Recipe Box

Here is my Recipe Box: a collection of recipes that have appeared in my books and in my newsletter. Enjoy!


Main Dish


  • Felicia’s Monster Cookies

    Felicia’s Monster Cookies

    Felicia was allergic to wheat, so Aurora made these monster cookies for her baby sister when they were young in Mask of a Hunter. My kids used to love it when I made these cookies, because the cookie tin bulged. I’d save some of the mini candy-coated chocolate pieces and make smiley faces or their…

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  • Olivia’s Chocolate Orange Snack Cake

    Olivia’s Chocolate Orange Snack Cake

    Olivia made this chocolate orange snack cake in Heart of a Hunter. Chocolate oranges in Christmas stockings are a family favorite. I’ve tried to replicate the taste and this recipe comes the closest. Use good-quality cocoa and dark chocolate to increase the richness. Bonus, the taste will be so satisfying, one piece will be enough….

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  • Beth’s Russian Teacakes

    Beth’s Russian Teacakes

    This recipe for Russian Teacakes is much easier to make than it looks.

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  • Brooke’s Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

    Brooke’s Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

    These chocolate-covered strawberries are so easy to make and so impressive to look at!

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  • Grady’s Coconut Cake

    Grady’s Coconut Cake

    Grady’s Coconut Cake was the one dish his sisters requested he make for family dinners in One Texas Night. My kids learned early that the one sure way of having cookies and cakes around was to bake them themselves. This coconut cake is one of their favorite recipes for a quick and tasty treat. From…

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  • Apple Squares

    Apple Squares are Oma’s specialty in Broken Wings. When all seems doomed, it’s food that helps glue a divided community and sustains them while they rebuild a broken airplane. From Broken Wings Also see Oma’s Country Hearth Bread from Broken Wings View my Catalog of Books Click here

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Side Dishes


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