Sylvie’s Recipe Box

Recipe Box

Here is my Recipe Box: a collection of recipes that have appeared in my books and in my newsletter. Enjoy!


Taryn’s Angel Biscuits

Taryn's Angel Biscuit Recipe

Taryn, in Remembering Red Thunder, is a baker, so she has no problems making biscuits as light as angels. Me, on the other hand, I…

Cathlynn’s Media Muffins


The old monastery where Cathlynn’s forced to stay if she wants to recover a family heirloom is cold and creepy. To make things worse, the…

Oma’s Country Hearth Bread


Oma’s Country Hearth Bread in Broken Wings comes straight out of my own childhood. I remember my mother’s bread bowl—a big, beige ceramic bowl with…

Main Dish

Beth’s Shepherd Pie

Photo of Shepherd's Pie

Beth’s Shepherd Pie, in A Little Christmas Magic, helps win her Logan’s attention. Because, as the old saying goes, the way to a man’s heart…

Valentin’s Pizza

Valentin's Pizza Recipe

Valentin’s way of showing he liked Cathlynn in Blackmailed Bride was to bake the muffins and pizza she asked for, even if they fell outside…

Mac’s Baked Ravioli Casserole


Mac’s Baked Ravioli Casserole helps soothe Kyra after a nightmare in Silver Shadows. When my kids were younger, and I’d spent a harried day running…


Chocolate-Covered Watermelon Wedges

Watermelon Wedges Recipe

Staying cool this summer has proved a challenge. Air conditioning feels nice on those too-humid-to-breathe days, but I love throwing the windows open and enjoying…

Chocolate-Raspberry Cakelets

cakelet on a plate

I love chocolate. I consider it an essential food group. But after indulging a bit too much during the holidays, I’m trying to cut back.…

Meredith’s Chocolate Thumbprints

Chocolate Thumbprint Recipe

These cookies from Christmas in Brighton are a decadent treat that disappears fast! Meredith’s Chocolate Thumbprints 1 cup flour½ cup unsweetened cocoa1 teaspoon kosher salt8…

Apple-Cranberry Crumble

Apple Cranberry Crumble Recipe

Here’s a recipe that creates a link between fall and the holidays—an apple-cranberry crumble with a maple twist. Let the sweet-tart aroma invite company to…

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Cherries and dark chocolate offer antioxidants. Oats, fiber. Black walnuts, good fats. And the cinnamon has blood sugar-regulating properties. Almost good-for-you cookies. Cherry Chocolate Chip…

Dark Chocolate Lava Cakes

Dark Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe

Here’s a fast treat that’s sure to impress a date. You can make these dark chocolate lava cakes ahead of time, then stick them into…

Side Dishes


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