Sylvie’s Recipe Box

Recipe Box

Here is my Recipe Box: a collection of recipes that have appeared in my books and in my newsletter. Enjoy!


Main Dish


Valerie’s Favorite Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Recipe

Valerie and I share a taste for chocolate and this is also my favorite birthday cake recipe. Good quality chocolate makes a huge difference. I…

Lorraine’s Easy One-Bowl Brownies

Photo of one-bowl brownies

This one-bowl recipe makes whipping up a batch of brownies for dessert easy. Sierra’s T-shirt in Detour says, “Chocolate Heals All Wounds.” She enjoys these…

Sylvie’s Yule Log

Yule Log

I like decorating the tree with the collection of mismatched ornaments accumulated over the years, each with its own special memory. I love to bake…

Luci’s Country Apple Tart

Luci's Country Apple Tart Recipe

The first time I made this recipe, I misread two teaspoons of lemon juice as two tablespoons. I was worried about the results. But the…

Francine’s Almond Coffeecake

Francine's Almond Coffeecake from A Rose at Midnight

Francine baked this almond coffeecake for Christiane in A Rose at Midnight. My family complains that I never make the same recipe twice. What can…

Felicia’s Monster Cookies

Felicia's Monster Cookie Recipe

Felicia was allergic to wheat, so Aurora made these monster cookies for her baby sister when they were young in Mask of a Hunter. My…

Side Dishes


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